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Appel à candidatures - Université Euro-Méditerranéenne - MuCEM, Marseille, 19 - 25 juillet 2015

Building the other: Borders, Otherness and Identities in the Mediterranean

The Euro-Mediterranean University gathers students from both shores of the Mediterranean: Lebanon,Belgium, France, Tunisia, Italy, Spain, Egypt, Palestine, Morocco, Algeria, and so on.
EMU is a Summer school, focused on topics linked to Europe/Arab world relations and euro-mediterranean issues.
The 2015 topic is “Building the Other: Borders, Otherness and Identities in the Mediterranean”.

Europe and the Arab World are changing, and perceptions of the "other" are creating new identities in the Mediterranean bounded by imagined or real frontiers.

Otherness, fear and creation of identity are concepts that offer interactional dynamics evolving in the era of globalization. Otherness in the Mediterranean is built on cultural, religious, political, economic or gendered images, inherited from a past dominated by colonial history, liberation movements, immigration, the Israeli-Palestinian conflicts, 9/11, jihadism, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and Arab revolutions. In a globalized world, the events that shook the Mediterranean have a direct impact on European and Arab populations: while Syrian war interrogates the European identity, the European policy has direct consequences for the people of Arab world. Fears, and violence across the Mediterranean, generate isolationism, and fabricate new images of the "other". How do these fears affect on “self” and the representation of the “other”? How these new identities are perceived, represented and interpreted? What is the role of history in their creation? What new citizenships and affiliations emerge in an era where time is accelerated and space is reduced?

EMU 2015 proposes to study these phenomena with the aim to deconstruct the process of building fear and otherness and to question the emergence of representations creating new identities. Because EMU is interdisciplinary it will address the issue of fear, otherness and identity in multiple perspectives: history, philosophy, sociology, communication, political science and international relations, art and culture, etc.

EMU 2015 is organised by the Peace and Citizenship Bernheim Chair (ULB), in partnership with the MuCEM (Marseille), in collaboration with partner universities, and with the financial support of the Emile Bernheim Foundation.


During the morning, students will attend conferences. During the afternoon, they will participate in workshops: writing, cinema, and theatre.
Many activities will be organized by night: meals, movies, and so on.


EMU 2015 will be organised from July 19 to July 25 2015.
Conferences and workshops will be held from Monday to Friday. One day will be devoted to some visits.


EMU 2015 will be organised at MuCEM (Marseille, France). Conferences and workshops will take place in MuCEM. Participants will be offered acco mmodation close to the MuCEM.


The participation fee is 150€; it includes participation to the Summer School (conferences, workshops, and visits), lunch, and accommodation.
Grants will be given to a limited number of students (2 students by partner University).