IEE-ULB organises 3 masters and 2 specialized masters.

Training programmes

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European Studies at IEE-ULB

A privileged confluence of experts from all sectors of European affairs.

Masters and Advanced masters in European Studies

Our Master’s and Advanced master's degrees in European studies, in Brussels, provide training in issues of EU integration, law, and the European economy. Programmes and pedagogy.

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Your Ph.D. in European Studies in Brussels

IEE-ULB works together with its partner faculties in the supervision of Ph.Ds and theses. Discover our research possibilities in European Studies.

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Summer schools in European Studies in Brussels: 5 options

IEE-ULB organises 4 courses in European Studies in the form of summer schools. These international training courses take place during the university holidays.

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Conference cycles at IEE-ULB

IEE-ULB organises conferences and other meetings around European studies. Open to the general public, these events are led by experts. They also provide networking opportunities.

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Teaching projects at the IEE-ULB

The IEE-ULB coordinates several projects with the goal, among others, of developing innovative methods of teaching in European studies and of equipping our students with the tools and contacts to successfully enter the workplac

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Graduates from IEE

They work today throughout Europe and beyond.

"I feel my knowledge of EU affairs is much deeper now, and this helps me tremendously in my daily work" (MEUS class 2018)"
Words by Jana Zaric, media executive
David Ortega
"The IEE means a lot to me… equal opportunities, high quality education, access to whole new world of opportunities. And all that for more than reasonable tuition fees! The IEE can proudly claim to be a very democratic institution, providing high level education for everyone, regardless of their socio-economic background. Meritocracy, in one word."
Words by David Ortega
jessica simoes
"The Institut for European Studies is a really important tool, it gives you everything you need to develop your skills... It's also the connexions you make with the teachers: they really want you to go forward, they push you to bring the best out of you."
Words by Jessica Simoes

What's new at IEE?

Live from the construction of the European Union.

Cartes blanches, IEE 60

'60 years in 6000 characters' - "Le lent avènement de l’Union budgétaire" by Paul Dermine

The series of cartes blanches, published to mark the sixtieth anniversary of the IEE-ULB, continues with an article by Paul Dermine.

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Cartes blanches, IEE 60, News

'60 years in 6000 characters' - "What Can We Learn from Inflation to Futureproof Our Union?" by Anna Zech

The series of cartes blanches, published to mark the sixtieth anniversary of the IEE-ULB, continues with an article by Anna Zech.

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News, Research

IEE-ULB welcomes visiting researcher Soso Makaradze

The IEE-ULB is delighted to welcome Soso Makaradze from the University of Salzburg. His research activities will focus on EU integration, democratic backsliding and public opinion.

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