IEE-ULB and European networks of cooperation

IEE-ULB and European networks of cooperation

By creating, integrating and supporting European networks dedicated to teaching and research, the IEE-ULB encourages international cooperation.

European networks of cooperation in higher education

The IEE-ULB provides an international approach to teaching. The institute welcomes professors from throughout the European Union. It regularly collaborates with other European and international universities on different academic projects.

European networks of cooperation in research

IEE-ULB plays an essential role in the creation and coordination of European and international research networks. It takes on a particularly active role regarding the place and role of the EU in the world and issues of freedom, security and justice.

These networks include, among others:

  • ECLAN – dedicated to police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters
  • ODYSSEUS – focused on EU immigration and asylum law and policy.
  • GEM-DIAMOND – A joint European doctorate Marie Sklodowska-Curie

The IEE-ULB has participated in numerous European research projects, such as the EU-funded FP6 and FP7 programmes, or the Horizon Europe programme.

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