60 years in 6000 characters

On 27 February 2024, the Institut d’études européennes at the Université libre de Bruxelles (IEE-ULB) will celebrate its sixtieth anniversary, making it one of the oldest research centres in Europe. Our anniversary is an opportunity to reflect on the state of Europe today, and consider what it means to teach, debate, think about, and do research on European integration in the year 2024, compared with 1964, the year the IEE-ULB was founded.  

A significant number of IEE members have replied to the call for proposals, looking at Europe’s past, present and future from complementary perspectives. The weekly publication of these articles until the summer of 2024 contributes to the public debate around the following themes:

  • European narratives
  • Europe and the protection of its values
  • Europe and the Economy
  • Social Europe
  • Future-proofing Europe
  • Europe and the world

The article of François Foret starts a series of publications  

The first carte blanche, entitled “Quand l’Europe (re)commence par la culture…“, is written by François Foret, Professor of Political Science, President of IEE-ULB and Researcher at Cevipol (ULB). According to Prof. Foret, the challenges met by the legitimization of European integration relying primarily on interests create regrets and temptations of an integration through culture. Is this a realistic way to (re)write history ?

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