4 research themes at IEE-ULB
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4 research themes at IEE-ULB

4 research themes articulate the research at IEE-ULB around political sciences, law, economics, history, values and global interactions.

The research activities carried out within the IEE-ULB or promoted by the latter are based on a broad and cohesive definition of the intellectual perimeter of European studies: it is about combining, within the same projects, the traditional study of policies, institutions and socio-cultural foundations of the EU.

Research themes at the IEE-ULB

Rather than supporting an artificial separation between the internal and external dimension of European integration, the intellectual approach underlying the research agenda promoted by the IEE-ULB aims to integrate, in a horizontal manner, the internal and global dimensions in all the main thematic areas of research.

Europe as an area of freedom, security and justice

Since the entry into force of the Treaty of Amsterdam, the maintenance and development of an Area of Freedom, Security and Justice has been one of the European Union’s objectives. The IEE-ULB’s first crosscutting area of research is devoted to studying this objective.

Europe as an area of economic and social regulation

The IEE-ULB’s second area of research addresses European policy-making by dealing with the most important areas in view of an understanding of European integration: economic governance, territories and regional policy, common market and social issues.

Europe as a community of norms and values

The IEE-ULB’s third crosscutting area of research focusses on cooperation processes, processes of identification and conflict generated by European integration and their role in the legitimization of the EU as a political entity.

Europe in the World

The IEE-ULB ‘Europe in the World’ crosscutting area of research examines the European Union in terms of global governance; i.e. the interactions between global policy and European policies.

Our researchers talk about their scientific passion in this series of interviews that demonstrate the diversity of our research areas.


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