François Foret, political scientist, candidate for the Presidency of the IEE, and Chloé Brière, lawyer, candidate for the Directorate of the IEE, received the unanimous vote of the Council chaired by Ramona Coman, current President of the IEE.

Consolidation and deepening

The duo highlighted the work of the previous leadership teams, which is reflected in the “good health” of the Institute.

The elected authorities are looking forward to the opportunities that lie ahead, including “the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Institute, which makes it one of the oldest in Europe, and the prospect of 2024 as a ‘European year’ due to the European elections and the Belgian presidency of the EU Council”. 

François Foret and Chloé Brière manifested their commitment to reaffirming the three missions of the IEE – teaching, research and public debate – “in a triple interdisciplinary, multidimensional and sustainable perspective”.

With interdisciplinarity as the IEE’s flagship, the new authorities aim to “encourage intellectual curiosity and imagination conducive to new collaborations that are the only way to grasp the complexity of protean issues such as digital technology, the climate challenge, new forms of inequality, discrimination and identities, and changes in governance”.

For the new team, the development of the IEE is anchored in different dimensions that link it to Brussels, Belgium and Europe in its relations with the rest of the world.

A philosophy of “sustainable excellence” is promoted, aiming not to doing “always more” but “always better”, which reconciles “the expectations of the university, of society and of our funding bodies with the aspirations of our staff and students”.

Our warmest congratulations to them!

Ramona Coman, President of the IEE