Reference: 2023/S145
Last date to submit your candidacy: 30/04/2023 
Start date: October 1, 2023

Subject to approval by the Université libre de Bruxelles’s Academic Council (CoA) on March 30th, 2023

Job description

The research logistic collaborator is responsible for the implementation of research projects, including advising, supervising and controlling the conduct of scientific activities.

This mandate is granted for an initial term of 1 year; at the end of these 1 year, the mandate may be renewed for a further term of 1 year.  If the Commission considers it appropriate, the person concerned may then be given a permanent appointment.

 Position description

The IEE-ULB is looking for a full-time Research logistic collaborator.

The initial offer is for a one-year term, which is renewable following positive evaluation and approval of the IEE competent authorities.

The Research logistic collaborator contributes to the development of the IEE’s research agenda by supporting its affiliated members to develop and implement  interdisciplinary and collective research projects. He/she is particularly responsible for advising, supervising, and reporting on the execution of scientific activities and experiences.

As a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, the IEE-ULB is recognized for its expertise in European Studies. The IEE-ULB carries out its own interdisciplinary research projects. At the same time, it promotes the work of its affiliated members on European issues within the associated research units and centres of its three partner faculties (the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Law and Criminology, The Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management).  The IEE-ULB develops an interdisciplinary research agenda established by the Institute’s Research Committee. The current agenda is based on four research themes that are articulated around political sciences, law, economics, history, values and global interactions: Europe as an area of freedom, security and justice, Europe as an area of economic and social regulation, Europe as a community of norms and values and Europe in the world.

Position mission

The IEE research logistic collaborator will fulfil the following threefold mission:

Contribute to the coordination of the IEE’s research and scientific activities under the direction of the IEE Presidency, including by:

  • Providing support in the organization of the IEE’s events (g., conferences, symposiums, seminars, book talks, cultural events).
  • Setting-up new research collaborations (inside and outside ULB) and strengthening existing ones.
  • Responding to inquiries and proposals for collaborations from institutions and organizations outside ULB, in consultation with the IEE authorities
  • Manage applications from academics and researchers interested in doing a research stay at the IEE-ULB (e.g., responding to inquiries, preparing applications files for presentation at the IEE Research Committee, announcing arrival of new visiting researchers on the IEE blog)

2° Support the IEE team and the IEE affiliates in their efforts to secure funding for collective projects, including by:

  • Providing ssupport in the development of new projects and in searching for funding (ULB, national, European, and international), as adapted to their needs.
  • Assisting IEE affiliated members in developing collective interdisciplinary projects during calls for proposals issued by European/national/International institutions, and in the management of the agenda and deadlines of these tasks.
  • Following-up on the management of secured funding (e.g., contribute to activity reports, budgeting, etc.).
  • Providing guidance and assistance for writing projects and funding applications in English and French.
  • Helping team members to interpret legal and regulatory texts pertaining to the research policy of the ULB.

3° Contribute to the dissemination and the valorisation of the research carried out at the IEE but also, more broadly, by the affiliated members of the IEE, include:

  • Logistical guidance in the implementation of projects.
  • Managing the communication and valorisation of research efforts under the supervision of the IEE authorities.
  • Updating the IEE website based on the research done at the IEE (e.g., affiliations, publications, blog contributions, project mini-sites).
  • Contributing to the IEE’s annual activity report (research sections).
  • Supporting teams in the process of collective productions.
  • Coordinating the activities of the IEE Research Committee in close collaboration with the IEE Presidency (develop the agenda, report writing, communication with the IEE affiliates).

Qualifications required :

Candidates must have both:

  • A Master’s Degree (120 credits), or Advanced Master’s Degree, with a focus on European Studies (European law, political science, history, or economy), and
  • A doctoral thesis in one of the above disciplines with a focus on European Studies. PhD candidates who will have obtained their degree by the beginning of the contract may apply.

Required skills

Candidates must:

  • Have at least three years of experience in research within the field of humanities and social sciences, with a focus on European studies.
  • Be familiar with interdisciplinary research in European studies
  • Master English and French, both oral and written. The functional knowledge of other languages is useful but not mandatory.
  • Have experience in the following cumulative areas:
    • Familiarity with the main donors and terms and conditions of applying for funding for research (on national, European, and international levels).
    • Writing research and project reports.
    • Editing and publishing methods.
    • Valorising and disseminating research
    • Operating as a part of a research team.
    • Additional competences that are particularly useful and considered an asset include:
  • Graphic design and IT skills.
  • A good understanding of the functioning of research institutions (both Belgian and international) and the administrative and budgetary processes.
  • Knowledge of the structure and functioning of the IEE-ULB and the ULB/ability to get familiarised with the functioning of the ULB
  • Ability to carry out various tasks and to participate in multiple dialogues.
  • Ability to work well in team as well as independently.
  • An acute sense of organization.

Interested ?

Application procedure 

*Additional information can be received by contacting Prof. Ramona Coman (telephone: +32 (0)2 650 42 15  – e-mail:

Candidates are invited to submit their application in one email sent jointly to the Rector of the Université libre de Bruxelles and the Institute’s President ( and Communication Director (Maria-Isabel Soldevila Brea).

Application files must include in a single document the following information in English:

  • A detailed Curriculum Vitae, including a publication list

You may choose to complete a standard form via our website at completed, it must be downloaded and attached to the application file.

  • A motivation letter of two pages maximum
  • A report on the research projects (past and ongoing) the candidate has been involved in as well as plans for integration into the IEE-ULB’s research team/themes.
  • Up to three professional letters of reference, including contact information of the referees (who may be contacted by those evaluating applications to ensure a balanced analysis). These referees should not have conflicts of interest because of family or emotional ties.

Equal opportunity policy

ULB’s personnel policy is based on diversity and equal opportunity.

We recruit candidates on the basis of their skills, regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation, origin, nationality, beliefs, disability, etc.

Would you like to be provided with reasonable accommodation in the selection procedure because of a disability, disorder, or illness?  Please contact Marie Botty, the person in charge of diversity aspects for the academic and scientific staff ( Be assured of the confidentiality of this information.

More details on the ULB gender and diversity policy are available at

You can find the full set of career provisions for the scientific staff on our website at