War in European soil is the latest test on EU resilience. After living in a polycrisis for the last couple of decades, the European Union is facing one of its toughest trials, one that is pushing it out of its “soft power” approach to international relations. How will the EU handle a return to war in Europe? And how does inequality manifest in this context?  

Marta Matrakova, research coordinator at the Institut d’études européennes of the ULB and Frederik Ponjaert, senior researcher, discuss on “Making Sense of EU”, how inequality, both at the EU level and in the rest of the world, interact.

On this episode, we welcome guest questions from two IEE-ULB students, Jeanne Fabreguettes and Martina Rubino, and we try to make sense of what’s next for EU integration as enlargement comes back to the table.  

Making sense of inequality in EU external action is one of the aims of this episode, the second in a first season dedicated to the overaching theme of Inequality and the European Union. 

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About the podcast

“Making sense of EU” is an opportunity to bridge the gap between IEE-ULB students, researchers, and academics form inside the IEE and the ULB communities and from our partner universities, while promoting a deeper understanding of key issues in EU affairs from a scientific perspective.

“Making sense of EU” has been conceived firstly for students and academics as the main audience and aims to also reach IEE partners (academic and non-academic), alumni, EU affairs specialists in the European institutions as well as public affairs specialists.

It was launched on september 29th, 2022 and this first season will focus on the IEE’s Jean Monnet Center of Excellence EUqualis, devoted the important topic Inequality and the EU and it is cofunded by the Erasmus + programme of the European Union (101047382 —EUqualis — ERASMUS-JMO-2021-HEI-TCH-RSCH).

“Making sense of EU” will be produced and presented by IEE-ULB Communication director Maria Isabel Soldevila.