The new IEE authorities welcome the 60th class in EU Studies of the ULB

François Foret, President of the Institute for European Studies (IEE-ULB), and Chloé Brière, Director, welcomed the 60th class in European Studies in the sun-bathed gardens of this academic house, established in 1963 by Walter Ganshof van der Meersch.

While introducing them to their new academic home, an interdisciplinary research centre and a teaching establishment, as well as place of gathering to debate about EU affairs and EU studies, professor Foret reminded students of the principles and values that guide our work.

“Freedom of inquiry is what our teaching and practices are all about: inviting you to think critically about the EU as a political system and community. Is it effective? Fair? Legitimate? The aim of your studies at the IEE is not to inculcate in you a certain vision of Europe but to give you the tools to be autonomous and active players in your professional, civic and personal lives”.

Officially inaugurated until 1964 by Paul-Henri Spaak, who was Prime Minister of Belgium on several occasions, the Institut d’études européennes of the Université libre de Bruxelles became one of the first academic centres of its kind in Western Europe. A true place for debate, research and exchange.

“The IEE is also a lively place”, said IEE Director, Professor Chloé Brière. “In addition to the teaching provided by renowned professors, open and lively discussion forums, bringing together academics and civil society actors, examine the issues at the heart of European integration. As a student, you have the opportunity to play an active role, whether by joining one of the student associations, becoming a student delegate or simply taking part. Don’t hesitate to get involved in the life of the IEE, and we hope that over the coming months the Institute will become a place where you feel at home”.

Meeting their professors and classmates












The academic coordinators and other members of the academic, scientific and administrative staff involved in the programmes in EU studies participated in the welcome session. Professors Amadine Crespy and Julien Jeandesboz presented in detail the Master in European Studies in both its Political track and EU-Asia track, joined by Yousra Chahboun, the student affairs officer for the programme. 

The group following the Advanced Master in EU Interdisciplinary Studies met with professor Chloé Brière, who coordinated the programme at the IEE, as well as with Françoise Vanden Broeck, the contact point for all administrative student affairs. 

Finally, for the LL.M in EU Law, professor Paul Dermine was joined by researcher Areg Navasartian in explaining the ins and outs of the specialised programme, also coordinated by Chloé Brière. 

A window into student life at the IEE

This welcome ceremony was also an opportunity for our student associations to introduce themselves, namely SAIES, Eyes on Europe and SPECQUE, and to show our newcomers the possibilities that the active associative life offers at the IEE. All of them are recruiting at the beginning of the year, so don’t hesitate to check their different pages on social networks and join them, or simply participate in the different events they organise throughout the year. 

After an information session on the Master’s programmes in European studies, our students were able to enjoy our sunny garden and picnic together, talk to their professors, get acquainted with the IEE student associations and simply meet each other.

Once again, we welcome and wish all our students the best for the coming academic year, class of 2023-2024!