Your admission to University training at IEE-ULB

Your admission to University training at IEE-ULB

Access to University training at IEE-ULB is decided by a jury panel. How can you apply and what are the selection criteria?

Based on the programme that you want to integrate, the procedures, admission requirements and application deadlines vary.

University training depends on the decision of a jury panel

Registration for the different university level degrees is completed by submitting an application, to be assessed by a jury panel. The admission criteria include the degree obtained, grades, professional project, motivation and profile. International profiles are valued, notably language skills, internships and extracurricular experience abroad.

Admission requirements for Belgian and European students

Belgians, European residents and assimilated residents can be admitted upon submission of an application. The form must be sent within the established deadlines

Admission procedures for international students

The IEE-ULB welcomes international students to its programmes. The admission requirements are the same. If you are not an EU resident or assimilated resident, it you need to send your application to the registration service within the established deadlines.

Re-registration for ULB students

ULB students can register directly via their personal space on MonULB

Practical guide to admission

Link to online registration forms

Master and Specialized Masters programmes

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