The IEE-ULB Institute of European Studies in Brussels
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IEE-ULB, the Institute for European Studies in Brussels

The organisation of the IEE-ULB is unique, thanks to its international teams, the interaction with EU institutions, and the strong connection between teaching and research.

The IEE-ULB is a centre of interdisciplinary excellence in teaching and research. It focuses on European issues.

Why have an Institute for European Studies in Brussels?

At the beginning of the 1960s, after the entry into force of the Treaty of Rome, the academic authorities at the ULB decided to create an Institute for European Studies.

The IEE-ULB covers mainly four disciplines: European law, political science, economics and history. As an interdisciplinary centre for research and teaching, it trains specialists in European issues.

The IEE-ULB – an institute with international dimensions

At the IEE-ULB, the lecturers come from a dozen countries. The students represent no less than 30 nationalities.
The international dimension is even more evident when it comes to our researchers. The institute plays a vital role in the creation and coordination of European or international research networks.

A University close to the Institutions

Located in Brussels, the IEE-ULB benefits from its location in the heart of Europe. European experts, senior officials and policymakers are involved in teaching, research and public debate.

These practitioners are often part of the AlumnIEE network. They give lectures to students and provide mentoring. They meet at conferences, summer schools and professionalisation courses.

Training that evolves with our research

The IEE-ULB ensures consistency between its research agenda and its teaching provision. Research evolves according to the construction of Europe and European challenges. In this spirit, the courses are regularly reviewed.

The head office of the IEE-ULB: a Blomme building

In 1964, the IEE established its head office in a very particular villa at 39 avenue F. D. Roosevelt, in Ixelles. The building was designed between 1926 and 1928 by Adrien Blomme, a major architect in Brussels. In 1990, the IEE-ULB expands to the adjacent villa.


L’IEE-ULB represents half a century of innovation in European Studies. Our video shows it through our researchers and academics.


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