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IEE-ULB research projects

IEE-ULB research projects are carried out by research centres, units and by European and international research networks, in association with our ULB partner faculties.

IEE-ULB research is organised by projects. Some of them are organised and managed internally, within the institute. However, the IEE-ULB also takes part in other European and international projects.

Ongoing research projects


A joint European Doctorate coordinated by the IEE-ULB. This research programme looks at the capacity of the EU to interact with the world. As an interdisciplinary project, it brings together lawyers, political scientists, economists and sociologists. The project if financed by the Marie Sklodowska-Curie programme.

Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence

IEE-ULB has been recognised as a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence. This certification provides the Institute with resources to finance both research and teaching activities. The project awarded in 2016 is dedicated to European solidarity.



A research project on European governance, Enlighten is funded by Horizon 2020. It brings together 4 universities and 4 NGOs. The IEE-ULB is responsible for the theoretical study of the evolution of modes of governance of the EU.


This ARC (Action de Recherche Concertée) project is funded by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. Its research theme raises the question of the emergence of European values in the EU agenda.

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