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Book launch: Perspectives croisées sur la coopération transatlantique

The collective book 'Perspectives croisées sur la coopération transatlantique : Analyse à partir des politiques canadiennes et européennes', edited by Prof. Chloé Brière, Dr. Louise Fromont and Areg Navasartian, affiliated researchers to the IEE was launched on December 5, 2022, at the Institut d'études européennes of the ULB.

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Defence and security
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The lack of unity in the EU’s defence and security policies: Europe at a crossroads?

Discover the latest articles published by Eyes on Europe, the student magazine of the IEE-ULB! On the programme: Analysis of the defence relations within the Union in this period of war.

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A year to (re)build the future

The academic year 2020-2021 was, once again, marked by the coronavirus pandemic. During lockdown, our desire for more Europe intensified. Take a look back at a year full of challenges and rewards.

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Tracing the Politicisation of the EU

The new book, published in the context of the OpenEUDebate project by Palgrave Macmillan, presents an innovative and politically aware approach to the concept of politicisation as a heterogeneous phenomenon. It includes contributions from IEE-ULB affiliates.

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Parliaments of Europe
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The Parliaments of Europe: full part actors or powerless spectators?

In this study, Prof. Nathalie Brack examines how EU national Parliaments have adapted to different crises-driven challenges and assesses their involvement in EU affairs over the past decade.

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free trade in an era of austerity
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The contentious politics of free trade in an era of austerity

“Framing TTIP in the European Public Spheres” (Palgrave), authored by Álvaro Oleart and “Contesting Austerity and Free Trade in the EU” (Routledge), by Julia Rone were presented in a double book launch. 

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Teaching and Theorising European politics
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Teaching and Theorising European politics in times of crisis

"Governance and Politics in the Post-Crisis European Union" (Cambridge University Press, 2020), edited by Ramona Coman, Amandine Crespy and Vivien A. Schmidt and "Theorising the Crises of the European Union" (Routledge, 2021), edited by Nathalie Brack and Seda Gürkan were presented in a double book launch.

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Rule of law backsliding
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Impunity over rights? When the execution of European Arrest Warrants requires a delicate balance

Lucas Pinelli analyses in this article the consequences that the rule of law backsliding in some Member States is having in judicial cooperation in criminal matters.

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The EU–Turkey deal in the 2015 ‘refugee crisis’: when intergovernmentalism cast a shadow on the EU’s normative power

Why did the EU conclude the ‘EU–Turkey refugee deal’ in March 2016 in the context of the Syrian refugee crisis, despite the fact that the agreement deeply contradicts fundamental EU values and norms? Seda Gürkan Ramona Coman explain.

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