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Find an expert on EU affairs among our IEE-ULB academics and researchers

Who is who?

Discover the stakeholders involved in the IEE’s outreach, including the Institute's staff, its decision-making bodies, and its affiliated academics and researchers.


The administrative team at the IEE-ULB supports the teaching, research and public debate activities organized at the Institute. It is lead by the Institute's President and Director, who are accompanied in their administrative responsibilities by an Executive Manager & Communication Director and an Executive Director for Research. A dynamic team deals with student affairs and logistics.

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Around 40 academics affiliated to the IEE-ULB, coming from 12 EU Member States, provide an innovative and interdisciplinary approach to teaching, closely linked to their own research. Most of our affiliated professors belong to our partner faculties, namely Law and Criminology, Philosophy and Social Sciences and Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management.

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Our affiliated researchers, whose work revolves around our 4 themes, form a scientific community specialized in European Studies. They work in the research centres and units associated to the IEE-ULB.

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