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Ph.D. European Studies

Your Ph.D. in European Studies in Brussels

IEE-ULB works together with its partner faculties in the supervision of Ph.Ds and theses. Discover our research possibilities in European Studies.

IEE-ULB collaborates with its partner faculties in supporting researchers in the preparation of their doctorates when their projets have an interdisciplinary dimension. Every Ph.D. candidate must identify a main discipline that will determine the doctoral diploma to be delivered. 

Two Ph.D. schools

The IEE-ULB coordinates two inter-university Ph.D. programmes. The research training designed to encourage scientific cooperation. Programmes facilitate the mobility of students and that of research teams.

Erasmus Mundus GEM

GEM is an international interdisciplinary doctoral programme covering issues of globalisation, the European Union and multilateralism.

Training includes methodological courses, research-specific seminars  and a doctoral thesis involving joint supervision from two institutions within the GEM consortium.

Erasmus Mundus GEM

GEM Stones

GEM Stones is a joint European doctorate funded by the Marie Sklodowska-Curie programme. The curriculum integrates scientific and methodological knowledge for those working in research, international organisations and the political sector.

The area of study focuses on the impact of the ever-complex global system on the ability of the EU to interact with the world.

GEM Stones

A Ph.D. in brief

Ph.Ds are 3rd cycle studies intended for holders of a Master’s degree. The training and work related to the preparation of a thesis total a package of 180 credits. Students are under the responsibility of a supervisor, in a research team. To gain the degree, the Ph.D. candidate must present a dissertation and defend it before a jury panel of specialists.

The diplomas are delivered by one of our partner faculties. Every Ph.D. candidate must identify a main discipline that will determine the doctoral diploma to be delivered (Law, Political sciences or economics and management)

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