IEE-ULB associate research centres

The Institute's associate research centres

As a Jean Monnet centre of excellence, the IEE-ULB is recognised for its expertise in European studies. 10 research centres cover several themes in close coordination with our partner faculties.

The IEE-ULB runs its own interdisciplinary research projects. It also promotes work carried out on European issues within units and research centres of its partner faculties.

Funded, among others, by the Jean Monnet programme of excellence, the IEE-ULB develops an interdisciplinary research agenda established by its research committee.

Research centres and units

Units and centres based at IEE-ULB

  • CEVIPOL: Center for the Study of Politics
  • REPI :Recherche et Etudes en Politique Internationale
  • CDE : European Law Centre
  • MAM : Centre “Migrations, Asylum, Multiculturalism”

Units and centres associated with the IEE

  • CTP : Centre for Political Theory
  • ECARES : The European Center for Advanced Research in Economics and Statistics
  • GERME : Research Group on ethnic relations, migration and equality
  • METICES : Migration, Spaces, Institutions, Citizenship and Health
  • Centre Perelman : Philosophy of Law
  • MMC : Modern and Contemporary Worlds

Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence

IEE-ULB has recognized as a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence. This certification provides funding for research and teaching activities. The project awarded in 2016 is dedicated to European solidarity. A new Centre of Excellence project, focused on inequality and the EU started in 2022.

The Research Committee

A coordinating body, it sets the interdisciplinary agenda for the units and research centres. With an international bias, it encourages new European projects.


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