Decision-making bodies and administration at IEE-ULB

Decision-making bodies and administration at IEE-ULB

The governance model articulates around the Council of the IEE-ULB for general issues; it also includes a strategic council and a research committee.

The Council of the IEE-ULB takes general decisions. A strategic board with external stakeholders also meets at least once a year. A research committee meets to deal with scientific affairs.

At the head of IEE-ULB governance, there is a leading duo. A political scientist and a jurist will lead the IEE-ULB for the next two academic years (2023-2024 and 2024-2025). This team has the suppport of a Research Logistic Coodinator and of a Administrative & Communication Director.

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Governance of the Institute

1. The Council of the IEE-ULB

It deals with general affairs and issues regarding the Institute’s teaching activities. It also defines the rules of procedure.

Members include:

  • The President
  • The Director
  • The Deans of the 3 partner faculties
  • Members of academic staff
  • Representatives from the scientific staff
  • A representative of the administrative staff
  • Three student representatives (a student from our Specialized Master in Interdisciplinary EU studies, a student from the Specialized Master in European Law and a student from the Master in European Studies)
  • The academic coordinator of the Executive Master’s programmes
  • The executive manager of the Institute

2. The Strategic Council

The council meets at least once a year in its expanded form, which includes leading figures from the European affairs professional community. These guest council members support our interdisciplinary teaching and research in European studies.

3. The Research Committee

It presents the Council with research recommendations. It sets the research agenda, by promoting new interdisciplinary projects. It coordinates the management of research in European studies at the ULB.

Members include:

  • The President
  • The Director
  • Members of the academic and scientific body involved in research projects
  • Researchers
  • The executive director for research at the IEE-ULB

For more information on our governance, please see our rules of procedure (in French).


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