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The importance of the Istanbul Convention in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, violence against women has been found to have increased. Is the Istanbul Convention the solution to the violence against women in Europe? Now is the time to take stock.

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From Semmelweis to Karikó : Hungarian physicians in the vortex of history

With reference to the Covid-19 context, this paper will examine the stories of Semmelweis, Szent-Györgyi and Karikó which highlight that great medical discoveries often emerge from a confrontation with the forces of conservativism. Scientists and practicioners of medicine find themselves in a fight against the odds of history more often than they would expect.

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Increasing EU competences in a health crisis situation : necessity or interference?

For the opening of the 'Apéros du droit' of the Centre de droit européen, a web conference on the difficulties encountered during the COVID-19 health crisis and the responses that the Union could provide was organised. The event was chaired by Dr. Louise Fromont (ULB) with the participation of honorary Pr. Marianne Dony (ULB), and Mr Olivier Louppe, lawyer at the Brussels Bar specializing in the field of health.

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The covid-19 pandemic and human rights: the European Court of Human Rights as the last resort for judicial oversight?

The covid-19 pandemic has led national authorities around the world to take a series of measures to prevent the spread of the virus. These measures have had and continue to have serious consequences for the enjoyment of human rights. In this article, Ilaria Gambardella questions the role that the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights can play in this regard.

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European sovereignty, a French projection?

Is European sovereignty a predominantly French projection? Ramona Coman, Nathalie Brack and Amandine Crespy try to answer.

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Prof. André Sapir joins the High-Level Advisory Group on post-COVID economic and social challenges

Former IEE-ULB President, Professor André Sapir joined the High-Level Advisory Group of academics convened by Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni to reflect on post-COVID economic and social challenges

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ULB resources
Student life

ULB resources to get through this period

The ULB has put together a series of resources to walk this path with you. Trying to find help can be overwhelming, so here are some shortcuts that can come in handy.

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gender inequality
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The COVID-19 crisis and gender inequality

There is the pandemic that we all know about, crowding the headlines of our newspapers, taking peoples’ lives, spreading fear and skepticism, turning parents into teachers, separating grandparents from their grandchildren. Then, there is another pandemic, a shadow one that slows down the little progress made until now toward gender equality.   

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The European Union before the Biden challenge: what transatlantic New Deal?

In this carte blanche, Professor Mario Telò analyzes the impact of the victory of the Biden-Harris duo in transatlantic relations.

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EU’s response to the corona crisis
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The EU’s response to the corona crisis ensures the autonomy of member states

The current corona crisis might not be that big of a leap in European integration as many expect, says IEE visiting researcher Lucas Schramm.

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visiting researcher
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IEE welcomes a new visiting researcher

Each academic year, the Institute for European Studies of the ULB hosts a select group of visiting researchers who work around our 4 research themes. They come to Brussels from universities around the world to deepen their research and expertise in European studies. During their stay, they are supervised by one – sometimes two – of the IEE-affiliated professors.

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summer school covid-19
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Summer School - The capacity of regional and international organisations to react to the Covid-19 pandemic

The Institute for European Studies and the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences organise a summer school to discuss how the European Union and other international bodies have addressed the transnational problems arising from the Covid-19 pandemic. Registration is free.

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European Union and Covid-19 : chronicle of an announced polycrisis

Carte blanche signed by Cecilia Rizcallah, Emmanuelle Bribosia, Isabelle Rorive and Louise Fromont.

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impact of COVID-19
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OpenEUDebate network launches podcast series to analyse the impact of COVID-19

The COVID19 has disrupted the world, and with it, the discussion on the future of Europe. The OpenEUDebate Jean Monnet network, of which the IEE-ULB is a member, started a series of podcasts analysing how citizens and academics can contribute to the debate.

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regional organisations african union
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The Covid-19 crisis and regional organisations: more money, more problems?

In this article published by The Conversation, Frank Mattheis reflects on the Covid-19 & regional organisations such as the African Union.

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crisis communication
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Workshop and Brainstorm: Communicating in a Crisis

This article is a result of the brainstorming session and workshop on crisis communication organised by the Institute for European Studies last April 27th. Participants included scholars, EU practitioners and ULB students and alumni.

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Coronavirus : guidelines and situation at the IEE

[Updated on April 4] In view of the measures announced at the press conference at the end of the National Security Council and following the recommendations of the ULB, we inform you that the IEE remains active, but with modalities adapted to the situation. All guidelines here.

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CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19): Information and safety measures at the ULB

Due to the spread of coronavirus, the University’s authorities have established a committee tasked with monitoring the situation closely and keeping you informed through this web page. Here you will find recommendations issued by Belgium’s Federal Public Services in charge of Health and Foreign Affairs, which ULB follows and suggests you follow.

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