We can say without much hesitation that it is becoming more and more difficult to be optimistic about the future of our planet.

Citizens are angry. Some have taken it to the European Court of Human Rights, others to museums, where they protest and show their dissatisfaction and despair.

And they have good reasons to worry: 

  • we recently followed a lukewarm COP27 that has brought inequality to the center stage
  • a football world cup in Qatar shown as the symbol of the anti-ecological way of life,
  • a summer of forest fires and draught;
  • a winter under the strains of an ongoing war and the energy crisis it has provoked

Making sense of environmental and ecological justice, and the role of the law and of citizen participation in it is not easy.  

Environmental justice & citizen participation: let’s make sense of it!

Maria Lee, professor of law at University College London and co-director of the UCL Centre for Law and the Environment and Chiara Armeni, professor of Environmental Law and member of the Centre for European Law at the ULB, help us understand what’s at stake when it comes to decision-making in this area. 

Inequality rhymes with injustice and understanding how it plays out when it comes to dealing with climate change is key to ensure citizens remain engaged in the fight for the preservation of our planet. 

Is the European Union doing enough to ensure citizens participation is guaranteed? Is the road to a just transition evenly paved or is inequality still a challenge in this field?

Let’s find out! 

Making sense of EU: The IEE podcast

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