Research stakeholders at the IEE-ULB
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Research stakeholders at the IEE-ULB

The Institute is a hub for research in European studies at the ULB. Researchers working on the centres and units of our partner faculties are affiliated to the IEE-ULB. 

The IEE-ULB coordinates research in the form of interdisciplinary projects in European Studies. The research centres and units of our 3 partner faculties associated with the IEE-ULB participate in them.


Partner faculties of the IEE-ULB

Research at IEE-ULB is interfaculty and interdisciplinary.

Our Institute partners with three faculties of the ULB and some of their research units and centres.

Research units and centres

IEE-ULB partners with research units and centres of partner faculties to conduct interdisciplinary research. The list of these centres is available on our dedicated page.

European and international networks

The IEE-ULB is at the heart of European and international research. The institute is associated with more than 130 universities worldwide.

It also coordinates 4 international research networks.

  • ECLAN: focused on police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters.
  • ODYSSEUS: on European asylum and immigration law and policy. Explore their blog
  • GEM-DIAMOND: Ph.D. School Erasmus Mundus Globalisation, Europe and Multilateralism
  • GEMSTONES: European joint doctorate Marie Sklodowska-Curie


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