Your admission to a Ph.D.
admission Ph.D.

Your admission to a Ph.D

IEE-ULB engages, in coordination with its partner faculties, in European research programmes that propose doctoral training. What are the admission criteria for these Ph.D.’s?

Are you looking for a career in research? Find out the admission requirements for doctoral training.

Criteria and academic profile

To be admitted to undertake doctoral training at the ULB, you must be holder of a 120 credits master’s degree issued by an institution of higher education in Belgium. Any master’s degree awarded abroad must be a recognised equivalent. The admission criteria to Ph.D.’s are established by the partner faculties. 

How and when can I apply?

IEE-ULB encourages interdisciplinary projects that are related to European studies. Applications should be directed to For more information about the procedures, please register using the form “research at the IEE-ULB” . €32 are required for registration at the IEE-ULB as a visiting researcher.

Thesis and framework

IEE-ULB brings together a unique international community of researchers in European studies. After being accepted, a research training year is proposed, followed by the realisation of a study (intermediate paper). After that, the candidate receives doctoral training specific to the individual or collective project. The process is overseen by the thesis director and the members of a committee, according to the rules defined by pur partner faculties.


Doctoral bursaries

Doctoral research at the ULB benefits from various sources of funding: private, public, national, European and international. This is to ensure a pluralist and open environment.

The doctoral bursaries at IEE-ULB works – among other things – on partnerships or European and international project such as:

The ULB proposes other funding opportunities.

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