Camille RUTTEN and Estelle VOLCANSEK
are students in the LL.M. in European Law.

The unprecedented and multifaceted nature of the COVID-19 crisis has had the effect of straining European Union law in many areas. Nevertheless, one of the sectors that undoubtedly tested EU law was that of healthcare and the various means put in place at the European level to combat the health crisis.

The ‘apéros du droit‘ of the Centre du droit européen opened on 10 December 2020 with a web conference chaired by Dr. Louise Fromont (ULB) during which an academic, Honorary Pr. Marianne Dony (ULB), and a legal practitioner, Mr. Olivier Louppe, a lawyer at the Brussels Bar specializing in the field of health, highlighted the difficulties encountered during the COVID-19 health crisis and the responses that the Union could bring.