Due to the spread of coronavirus, the University’s authorities have established a committee tasked with monitoring the situation closely and keeping you informed through this web page. Here you will find recommendations issued by Belgium’s Federal Public Services in charge of Health and Foreign Affairs, which ULB follows and suggests you follow.

We advise you to exercise caution, but also not to give in to alarmism. Let us continue to think critically as we adopt all measures appropriate to the situation.

At this stage, the priority is on following current basic hygiene recommendations.

Still, the University’s authorities believe that it is important to answer your legitimate questions; they also wish to assure you that as the situation develops, ULB will take all appropriate measures to protect every member of the university community, including its students and staff both in Belgium and abroad.

We have been in touch for several days with our students enrolled in other universities; we will continue to address their concerns, while also doing everything in our power to ensure that our study programmes are not affected by the situation and its developments.

Basic hygiene precautions