Dear IEE students,

After almost a year under the most unexpected circumstances, many of us have been feeling low. The uncertainty brought by the pandemic and the distance from our peers is taking a toll on everyone. We want to remind you that you are not alone.

The ULB has put together a series of resources to walk this path with you. Trying to find help can be overwhelming, so here are some shortcuts that can come in handy:

All the ULB resources and official information on COVID-19 specially conceived for students can be found here. Check this page regularly.

We’d like to highlight the following resources:

Health and well-being

Distance learning and evaluations

We understand times are hard; remain safe, be solidary and, together, we’ll get through this.

Ramona Coman, Emmanuelle Bribosia, Nicolas Verschueren, Amandine Crespy
& María Isabel Soldevila