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New Publication - European social democracy during the global economic crisis. Renovation or resignation? - Edited by David J. Bailey, Jean-Michel De Waele, Fabien Escalona and Mathieu Vieira

This book makes an important contribution to the existing literature on European social democracy in the wake of the 2008 financial crash and ensuing recession. It assesses how social democratic parties have responded, at the national as well as at the European Union level. A wide range of leading political scientists provide the reader with an in-depth understanding of the prospects for social democracy in the midst of an unprecedented crisis for neoliberalism.

The book draws together some of the most well-known and prestigious scholars of social democracy and social democratic parties, along with a number of impressive new scholars in the field, to present a compelling and up to date analysis of social democratic fortunes in the contemporary period. It benefits from an analysis of social democratic parties’ experiences in 6 different countries – the UK, Sweden, Germany, France, Spain and Greece – along with a number of chapters on the fate of social democracy in the institutions of the EU.



DavidBailey, Jean-MichelDe Waele,Fabien

Escalona and Mathieu Vieira

PARTI:The political economy of European social democracy under global economic crisis

1. It does not happen here either: why social democrats fail in the context of the great financial crisis – Fabien Escalona and Mathieu Vieira

2. Social democracy and social movements from crisis to crisis – George Ross

3. Why the financial crisis has not generated a social democratic alternative in Europe?– Magnus Ryner

4. Social democracy in the light of capitalist crises: the case of the British Labour – John Callaghan

PARTII: National  responses tocrisis

5. Coping with TINA:the Labour Party and the new crisis of capitalism –Philippe Marlière

6. Losing social democracy. Reflections on the erosion of a paradigmatic case of social democracy– JennyAndersson

7. German social democracy:a popular project and a nunpopular party – Ingo Schmit Science at the Universityof Birmingham

8. The French  PS(2008-13). Not revolutionaries, not luminaries, just ‘normal’ guys amidst the tempest– Christophe Bouillaud

9. Back to the drawing board. The PSOE after the 2011 general election – PaulKennedy

10. Trimph and collapse:the PASOK in the wake of the crisis in Greece (2009–13)– Dimitri A. Sotiropoulos

PARTIII: Towards  a social democratic European Union?

11. Limits of consensus?The Party of European Socialists and the financial crisis– Michael Holmes and Simon Lightfoot

12. Palliating terminal social democratic decline at the EU-level? – David Bailey

13. Reforming Europe, renewing social democracy? The PES, the debt crisis and the Europarties– Gerassimos Moschonas Postface: death by a thousand cuts?– Ashley Lavelle

David J. Bailey is Lecturer  in Political

Jean-Michel De Waele is Professor of Political Science at the Université Libre de Bruxelles

Fabien Escalona is ATER in Political Science and PhD candidate at Sciences Po Grenoble

Mathieu Vieira is ATER in Political Science at Sciences Po Lille and PhD candidate at Sciences Po Grenoble  and Université Libre

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