Global Europe Heal thyself, But Make Sure the Cure Isn’t Worse Than the Disease

We continue the last thematic chapter “Europe and the world” with the article by Frederik Ponjaert, Project manager at IEE-ULB and researcher at REPI (Recherche et Études en Politique Internationale). 

In his article Frederik Ponjaert illustrates the complexity of Global Europe: Just as it faces a number of existential challenges on the international stage, the EU has appeared to some both riven with self-doubt, and unwilling to make the necessary changes to secure its place alongside the other powers of amultipolar world. However, before engaging on an ambitious set of taboo-busting reforms of the EU’s foreign policy principals, leaders should careful consider that in seeking to constitute a sovereign Europe they do not undermine that which has set the EU apart as a multilateral institutional actor, both within and beyond the European continent.

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