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Odysseus Network New Project OMNIA

Introducing the new OMNIA Project which aims to strengthen the community of experts in the area of European immigration and asylum law.


The Odysseus Academic Network – a network of European experts in the area of immigration and asylum law based in ULB – is launching its new OMNIA project ( ) with the support of the European Commission through its Jean Monnet Activities.

The aim of the project is the improve the tools available to its target audience, which includes researchers, policy makers, practitioners, non-governmental organisations, and national, European and international institutions.

As part of the OMNIA Project, the Odysseus Network will engage in the following activities:

-    E-learning modules in European immigration and asylum law, beginning in late 2016,

-    Online databases on European legislation and jurisprudence, ongoing and completed research (including doctoral candidates and their thesis subject), recent publication in the area of immigration and asylum, and upcoming events in the field.

-    An Annual Policy Conference will be organised to analyse legal and political developments of the previous year and discuss the challenges of the year ahead. The first conference will take place in Brussels in February 2016, and will be based on the central theme of solidarity between EU member states. It will be accompanied by a publication of the worse presented at the conference.

-    A blog, ( with articles written by members of the network, will deal with recent developments in EU immigration and asylum law and policy.

The OMNIA Project will therefore reinforce both the network of experts, and the relationship between experts and practitioners in the field of EU immigration law.