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master european studies

Master in European Studies

The Master in European studies is a 120-credit academic programme organised by the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences under the IEE-ULB label.

The Master in European Studies offers a solid base of knowledge to allow critical reflection on European issues. It provides students with 2 possible tracks: European policy and the history and culture of Europe.

Programme for the Master in European Studies

The Master in European Studies provides a bilingual (French–English) multidisciplinary curriculum. It includes a common module, focused on history, law, economics, political science and international relations. There is also a professionnalisation module consisting of a seminar and an internship.

In this module, students learn to deal with the transition between the academic world and the workplace.

A seminar on research methodology allows students to prepare for their thesis.

The Master in European Studies has 2 tracks or concentrations

  • EU policy, with a choice between the “Standards and Values of the EU” module and the “Policy and Regulation in the EU module”
  • History and Cultures of Europe, with a choice of modules in “European Societies” and a module on “Cultures of Europe”.

To better understand the programme’s organisation, please refer to the course outline.


The Master in European Studies develops the topical thread of European integration. It allows critical reflection on European issues.

  • The European Policy track focuses in the functioning of the institutions.
  • The purpose of History and Culture of Europe is to analyse issues of European integration from the point of view of the contemporary world transformations.

Career prospects

This wide-ranging Master’s degree opens the doors to various career paths within very different private or public organisations.

These include, among others:

  • consultancy offices
  • NGOs and European associations
  • journalism, communication, culture
  • international, European, national, regional or local institutions

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