His activities at the IEE-ULB

Prof. Vauchez will be involved in various activities at the IEE-ULB during the 1st term of the 2020-2021 academic year, ranging from education to scientific collaboration and participation in the public debate.

  • On Wednesday 7th October from 10-12h, Prof. Vauchez will participate in the doctoral training programme in political sciences and the Seminar on theory, methods and research coordinated by Prof. Ramona Coman and Prof. Christian Olsson.
  • On Friday 23th October from 10-12h, Prof. Vauchez will talk about “The €-ization of Europe” with a focus on the role of the ECB and the EU Court of Justice during a joint session of the courses Decision-making in the EU (POLI D 409 – Ramona Coman), EU Integration through Law (DRO 0 401 – Chloé Brière and Sarah Ganty) and EU Integration and Public Policy (POLI 0410 EU – Amandine Crespy).
  • On Thursday 12th November from 18h onwards, Prof. Vauchez will join Prof. Peter Praet for the opening of the IEE’s academic year during dedicated to the legitimacy of the European economic governance.
  • On Thursday 18th and Friday 19th November, Prof. Vauchez will attend the conference titled “Conflicts of Sovereignty in the EU”, organised  by Prof. Ramona Coman, Nathalie Brack and Amandine Crespy and Dr. Christopher Bickerton (Cambridge University) in the framework of the project with the same title funded by the Foundation Wiener Anspach.

Prof. Vauchez will try to be at the IEE as much as possible and he is looking forward to meeting the IEE’s doctoral students and other colleagues during his time as international Chair Professor at the Institute.

About Antoine Vauchez

Prof. Vauchez has been a CNRS Research Professor in political sociology and law at the National Center for Scientific Research at the University Paris 1-Sorbonne in France since 2010.

He holds degrees from Sciences Po-Paris (1993) and the University Paris1-Sorbonne (Master in Public Law 1994; Master in Comparative Politics 1995) and obtained his PhD at the European University Institute in Florence (2000).

His areas of interest include the politics of independence, the field of Eurozone governance, and law firms, bureaucratic elites and the Neoliberalization of Western States. His research engages in historical sociology, political sociology and critical sociology of law, researching extensively the interactions between forms of expertise, transnational knowledge communities and transnational politics with a particular emphasis on law and on the European Union. His publications cover a variety of disciplinary fields including law (European Law Journal, Law and Social Inquiry), sociology (American Journal of Sociology, International Political Sociology, Berliner Journal für Soziologie) and political science (European Political Science Research, Revue française de science politique, etc…).

Recently, he has co-authored with Pierre France the book The Neoliberal Republic Corporate Lawyers, Statecraft, and the Making of Public-private France (Cornell University Press, 2020).  

His publications includes a monograph providing a renewed narrative of Europe’s legal integration (L’Union par le droit, Paris, Presses de Sciences Po, 2013; an English-speaking version is forthcoming at the Cambridge University Press in January 2015) and an edited volume with Bruno de Witte on the transnational field of European law (Lawyering Europe. European Law as a Transnational Legal Field, Oxford, Hart, 2013) and an essay entitled Démocratiser l’Europe (Seuil, 2014).

The International Chairs of the International Credit Classification Commission

The International Chairs are intended to invite confirmed scientific personalities to the ULB for a period of one month for the purposes of collaboration in teaching and/or research.