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Unissued diplomas: 36 Ukrainian students lost to war

The IEE-ULB hosts, starting Monday, March 13th, the exhibition Unissued diplomas, that portrays the lives and dreams of 36 Ukrainian students killed after the Russian invasion to Ukraine.

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GEM-DIAMOND officially launched on October 19 at the IEE-ULB

The kick-off conference, held in Brussels, had the objective of jump-starting a four-year-long shared intellectual journey around the concept of dissensus.

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Call for Applications: 16 MSCA Doctoral Fellowships - GEM-DIAMOND

Coordinated by the Institut d’études européennes (IEE) the project sets out to assess the EU’s capacity to act given the challenges facing Democratic Institutions, the rise of Alternative MOdels, and mounting Normative Dissensus (DIAMOND).

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