Reference : 2019/S092
Last date to submit your candidacy : 29/05/2019
First day of work : 01/10/2019

Position description

The Research logistic collaborator is responsible for the implementation of research projects, particularly in advising, supervising, and controlling the execution of scientific activities and experiences, as well as being responsible for the maintenance and use of advanced scientific materials.

The position of the Research logistic collaborator is given first for a term of two years, which is renewable after the approval of competent authorities. The position of Research logistic collaborator is a full-time position.

As a Jean Monnet Center of Excellence, the IEE-ULB is recognized for its expertise in European Studies. The IEE-ULB carries out its own interdisciplinary research projects. At the same time, it promotes also the work on European issues within conducted by research units and centers of its three partner faculties (the Faculty of Law and Criminology, The Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management and the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences). Financed by, among others, the Jean Monnet Center of Excellence programme, the IEE-ULB develops an interdisciplinary research agenda established by the Research Committee. This agenda is based on 4 research themes:

  • Europe as an area of freedom, security and justice: since the entry in force of the Treaty of Amsterdam, the maintenance and development of an area of freedom, security and justice constitutes one of the objectives of the European Union.
  • Europe as an area of economic and social regulation: The IEE-ULB’s second research theme addresses European policy-making by dealing with the most important areas in view of an understanding of European integration: economic governance, territories and regional policy, common market and social issues.
  • Europe as a community of norms and values: The IEE-ULB’s third crosscutting area of research focusses on cooperation processes, processes of identification and conflict generated by European integration and their role in the legitimization of the EU as a political entity.
  • Europe in the world: The IEE-ULB ‘Europe in the World’ crosscutting area of research examines the European Union in terms of global governance; i.e. the interactions between global policy and European policies.

The Research logistic collaborator at the IEE would then fulfill this threefold mission:

1° to contribute to the coordination of research and to scientific activities of the IEE under the direction of the IEE authorities, including providing support teams in the organization of all events relating to the IEE (conferences, symposiums, publication releases, etc.

2° to support the teams in their fundraising efforts to carry out their collective projects, which include:

  • Supporting teams of IEE and affiliated members in the conception of their projects and in searching for financing (national, European, and international), as adapted to their needs,
  • Supporting teams of IEE and affiliated members during calls for proposals, recurring or occasional, issued by the institutions, and in the management of the agenda and deadlines of these tasks.
  • Assistance in the management of funding (activity reports, budgeting, etc.)
  • Providing guidance and assistance for writing projects in French or English
  • Providing aid to the teams in interpreting legal or regulatory texts pertaining to the policy of the ULB

3° Contributing to the dissemination and the valorization of the research work carried out under the aegis of the IEE but also, more broadly, the affiliated members of the IEE, which include:

  • Logistically guiding teams in the production of their respective projects
  • Managing communication and the valorization of the research of the IEE, under the supervision of the authorities of the IEE
  • Keeping the website up to date, on behalf of the research done at the IEE
  • Writing up the research component of the annual activity report of the IEE
  • Supporting teams in the process of collective productions
  • Coordinating the activities of the Committee of research of the IEE, under the supervision of the authorities of the IEE

 Required certifications:


  • Master’s Degree (120 credits), or Advanced Master’s Degree, with a concentration in European Studies (European law, political science, history, or economy)
  • and a doctoral thesis in the field of humanities and social sciences, with a focus in European Studies.

Required Competencies of the Research logistic collaborator

  • The candidate must have at least five years of experience in research within the field of humanities and social sciences (with a focus on European studies).
  • He/she must be familiar with interdisciplinary research.
  • He/she must have experience in the following:
    • operating as a part of a research team,
    • the main donors and terms and conditions of applying for funding for research (on national, European, and international levels),
    • editing and publishing methods,
    • writing research and project reports,
    • and with the valorization and dissemination of research.
  • Mastery of French and English (both oral and written) is indispensable.
  • The mastery of another language is also an asset.
  • Complementary competencies in graphic design IT are useful, as well as a good understanding of the functioning of research institutions (both Belgian and international) and the administrative and budgetary processes.
  • The knowledge of the workings of the institution would be considered an asset.
  • Ability to carry out various tasks and to participate in multiple dialogues.
  • A spirit of teamwork and the ability to work well with others.
  • An acute sense of organization

Interested ?

*Additional information can be received by contacting Anne Weyembergh (telephone: 32 2 65030 72 – e-mail:

The candidacy documents must be sent in electronic format in a single email, directly to the Rector of the Université libre de Bruxelles and to the Institute’sPresidency  (to Anne Weyembergh  and Maria-Isabel Soldevila Brea.)

 The requirements for candidature are as follows (and are necessary to be taken into consideration for candidature):

  • un Curriculum vitae, comprenant une liste des publications (un canevas type peut être téléchargé via le site internet :
  • A motivation letter
  • A report on the research projects both completed and in progress, as well as plans for integration into the research teams of the ULB
  • The names and e-mail addresses of five references, susceptible to being contacted by those evaluating applications to ensure a balanced analysis. These references cannot pose a conflict of interest for reasons such as familial or emotional ties.