Starting from March 9th, and until March 16th, a series of events dedicated to Japan and the EU-Japan relationships will be organised and co-organised by the IEE-ULB, while others will be led by the ULB’s East Asian Studies (EASt) Research center, the REPI, the CEVIPOL, the Centre de Droit européen, and the Waseda University Brussels Office.

The longstanding collaboration between the Institute and the ULB with Waseda has allowed for the development teaching programmes and  exchange programmes for the students. It is with great pleasure that the Institute for European Studies will host for this year some of the events of this week-long thematic cycle.

Here is a  summary of the programme of the upcoming events to help guide you through the activities of the week.

EU-Japan Forum 2020

Thursday 12th and Friday 13th

The IEE-ULB is set to host the 21st iteration of its annual EU-Japan conference. The 2020 EU-Japan Forum will gather experts from across Europe and Japan to discuss a wide range of issues of shared interest. To this end a range of partners have joint the organisational committee, including the IEE-ULB, EASt-MSH, the Waseda Organisation for Regional and Inter-Regional Studies, the Waseda Brussels Office and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Sciences.

Across its eight interdisciplinary panels, the Forum will cover a variety of long-running shared concerns, ranging from the implementation of the EU-Japan Free Trade Agreement to judiciary cooperation in criminal matters, by way of the challenges associated with regulating new technologies or the tensions surrounding migration and identity.

This event is open to the public. To get more information and register, please click here.

Other events of the cycle include the following conferences, seminars and lectures: 

Monday 9th to Wednesday 11th: series of guest lectures on EU human rights norm diffusion

Series of Guest Lectures on "EU human rights norm diffusion in East Asia"In this three-day series of guest lecture, Professor Paul Bacon, from the Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies at Waseda University, will address how the EU has diffused its norms through three different case studies: the EU-ASEAN relations, the EU’s ‘death penalty diplomacy’ in Japan, and the fight against human trafficking and forced labour in the Thai fisheries industry.

This series of courses is hosted in the framework of the IEE-ULB’s Rotating International Chair (TRAN-O615) and attendance is compulsory for the students of the Specialised Master in EU Interdisciplinary Studies. The three classes are also open to the public interested in this subject. To get more information on the lecture, click here.

For the full schedule of the classes, click here

Tuesday 10th: REPI Research Seminar

This research seminar entitled “Towards an Unrestrained Military: Manga Narratives of the Japan Self-Defense Forces” will be given by Professor Jeffrey Hall from Waseda University. Room Kant, from 12:00 pm until 2:00pm.

More info and registration here.





Wednesday 11th: Science Po Graduate Student Panel

This event is a student-led graduate panel focussing on “Culture, memory and soft power: a comparison Europe-Japan”. The present graduate research is to be discussed by visiting scholars from Japan with expertise in both Japanese culture and foreign policy. It is organised by (CEVIPOL) in collaboration with IEE-ULB & MSH-EASt, from 10:00-12:00, room Geremek.

The objective of this event is to provide graduate students the opportunity to present their Master thesis and the original research they did on this regard.

Attendance to this event is by invitation only. For more information on the event, click here.

Thursday 12th: Guest lecture on Crowdfunding a territorial dispute

This lecture will be given by guest Professor Jeffrey Hall in the framework of the class POLI-D539 “Contemporary China and the World : Chinese Foreign Policy Since 1949 thought by Professor Thierry Kellner”. The theme of the lecture will be “Japanese right-wing activists, online media, and the Senkaku Islands dispute”.

Attendance to this event is compulsory for students registered in Professor Kellner’s class and open to the public that show interest in the topic. The class takes place at room S.DC2.206, from 10:00 to 12:00.

More information on the event here.


Friday 13th: Guest lecture on Criminal procedure in Japan

In this guest lecture, Professor Shuichi Furuya (Waseda University & UN Human Rights Committee) will be focusing on Criminal procedure in Japan from the perspective of international standards of human rights, with a link with the Carlos Ghosn‘s case.

This lecture will be given in the framework of the class DROI-C5148 Protection Internationale et européenne des droits et libertés taught by Professor Emmanuelle Bribosia. Attendance is compulsory for the students of the class, and is open to the public with an interest in the topic. Room S.H1302, from 10:00 to 12:00

Saturday 14th and Monday 16th: WBO Workshop

A two day closed scientific workshop focussing on the ‘Dynamics of Regionalisation and Internationalisation of Higher Education’. Organised with the support of the Waseda Brussels Office as one of its annual cycle of research seminars, the object of this two-day event is to foster joint research involving academics from Europe, on the one hand; and Waseda, on the other.

Attendance to this event is by invitation only. More information.

Check the Waseda University Brussels Office website for more.

Monday 16th: Research Seminar co-organised by MAM-CEVIPOL-EASt

This research seminar entitled “Naturalized People in Japan: Their perception of, and Positioning within their country of residence” will be given by Eline Delmarcelle (Waseda, GSAPS). The seminar will take place in Room Kant at the Institute for european studies, from 2:00pm until 4:00pm.