The objective of this event is to provide graduate students the opportunity to present their Master thesis and the original research they did on this regard. Responding to a real interest and enthusiasm among graduate students for all things Japan in general, and the country’s soft power in specific, they were given the opportunity to further explore their interest in their Master thesis and present their most salient results at the conference.

The present graduate research is to be discussed by visiting scholars from Japan with expertise in both Japanese culture and foreign policy.

  • D’APRILE Natsuko

Les relations politique, économique et culturelle franco-japonaises depuis la présidence Chirac (1995-2007) jusqu’à nos jours // Franco-Japanese political, economic and cultural relations from the Chirac presidency (1995-2007) to the present day.

  • DELPIERRE Renaud

Comparaison entre les politiques étrangères du Japon et la Belgique durant les 30 glorieuses // The foreign policies of Japan and Belgium during the 30 glorious years compared

  • NEBBOU Kaltoum

Du péril jaune à superpuissance culturelle : l’évolution du soft power japonais et le “Japanese Dream” // From yellow peril to cultural superpower: the evolution of Japanese soft power and the “Japanese Dream”

  • VLOEBERGHS Godefroid

Evolution de la politique d’immigration au Japon : quelles retombées à l’international? // Evolution of the immigration policy in Japan: what international repercussions?

  • SAMIH Aladdin

L’identité et la culture japonaise après l’occupation américaine // Japanese identity and culture after the American occupation

Discussants: Jeffrey Hall (Waseda University) & Eline Delmarcelle (Waseda University)

Practical informations

Date: March 11th, 2020

Time: 10am – 12pm

Location: Institute for European Studies, Room Geremek.

Avenue Franklin Roosevelt 39, 1050 Ixelles

By invitation only