Amandine CRESPY is a lecturer and researcher at CEVIPOL and IEE.
Janine GOETSCHY is a professor at the Master’s Degree in European Studies.
They give together the “Internal market and social Europe” course

Amandine CRESPY and Janine GOETSCHY: “Over the last three years, there has been a relative rebalancing of discourse and practices within the European Semester, whether it is greater flexibility in the implementation of budgetary discipline or greater attention to social issues with the adoption, for example, of a new set of indicators to monitor social issues. Despite these developments, the situation remains clear when comparing the situation in 2017 with what it was before the 2008-2010 financial and debt crisis. Inequalities of wealth, both between and within European States, have continued to increase and entire groups within our societies are now facing social decline and impoverishment”.

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