Mario Telo is an Ordinary Professor at the ULB and former President of the IEE. His work focuses mainly on European studies, political theory and international relations. Since 1995 he has been the “Jean Monnet ad personam Chair” and since 2006 a member of the Royal Academy of Sciences in Brussels. He is also the central coordinator of the GEM International Doctoral School and author of 29 books and more than 100 scientific articles.

The agreement of 20 February 2016 between the European Council and the United Kingdom Government could be good news for Europe. The world of research must resist feelings and emotions and focus on the essential: the United Kingdom contributes not only to the European budget, but to the economic (second economy) and political strength of the EU as a global power. Its exit would seriously weaken the EU’s presence and image in the multipolar and dangerous world in which we live. Seek a fair compromise and contribute with patience, restraint and lucidity to meeting the conditions for the victory of the Bremain against the Brexit in the referendum, as stated by F. Hollande and A. Merkel, is in our interest.

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