#EUEA17 Professor Vivien Schmidt discusses European solidarity in challenging times

Professor Vivien Schmidt, from Boston University and ULB, discusses European solidarity in challenging times as the opening keynote speaker for the first European Union in European Affairs conference on the topic “Controversial Approaches towards European Solidarity.”

Here’s the full version of her talk: “Varieties of the Welfare States over Time and the Impact of the Eurozone Crisis with Specific Focus on What it Means for Social Solidarity,” that also had professor Herman Mark Schwartz, from the University of Virginia, as discussant.

Copenhagen Business School’s professor Caroline de la Porte chaired the keynote.

#EUEA17 Closing Panel

Professors Mario Telò, Richard Higgot, Anne Weyembergh, Karel de Gucht and Alexander Mattelaer shared the panel “What Future for Transatlantic Solidarity: from Geostrategic Partnership to Competition?, a lively discussion on the US-EU relationship in the age of Donald Trump.

Here’s the full video: