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inequality mobility Migration
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#IDEAS22 : A discussion on inequality, mobility and migration within the EU

Inequality, mobility and migration were at the centre of some of the panels hosted at the IDEAS conference. Here's a summary of the scientific discussions.

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EU Global Cybersecurity Capacity Building and Global Digital Inequality  

As one of the opening panels of the #IDEAS22 conference on (Dis)Integration from an (in)equality perspective, a key merit of the discussions surrounding “EU Global Cybersecurity Capacity Building and Global Digital Inequality” was to highlight from the onset the diversity of implications, disciplines and questions raised by the conference’s central theme.  

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Just Transition
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Policy Measures for a Just Transition: Ideas for Designing a Structural Transformation to Reduce Inequalities

This policy panel, co-organised last May 12, 2022 with the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) in the context of the Interdisciplinary conference on European Advanced Studies (IDEAS), looked at climate policies that help reduce inequalities across multiple levels of governance and integrate perspectives from policymakers, academics and civil society.

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antidiscrimination law
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Combating horizontal and vertical inequalities in the EU: Keynote by Prof. Olivier De Schutter

Last May 11, 2022, UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights and UCLouvain Professor Olivier de Schutter inaugurated the IDEAS Conference on (Dis)Integration from an (in)equality perspective with the keynote "Combating horizontal and vertical inequalities in the EU: the role of non-discrimination in a market integration perspective".

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IDEAS-ELJ best paper award
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The IDEAS-ELJ best paper award to be launched in the context of EUqualis 

The IEE will launch, during the upcoming Interdisciplinary conference on European Advanced Studies (IDEAS), the IDEAS-ELJ Best Paper Award, in collaboration with the prestigious European Law Journal.

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ideas conference
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The IEE-ULB relaunches its biennial conference on Interdisciplinary European Advanced Studies (IDEAS)

The Institute for European Studies of the ULB relaunches its biennial conference under the new title: Interdisciplinary conference on European Advanced Studies (IDEAS). The online application system is now open until October 31, 2021.

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