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The Debate on the Future of Europe between students from the IEE and CoE went into a third round!

Based on the big success of the two previous years of collaboration with the College of Europe, the third edition of the Debate on the Future of Europe between the IEE and the College of Europe was held on the 20th of June here in Brussels at the Solbosch Campus of the ULB. 

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IEE and College of Europe
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New debate between IEE and CoE students on the future of Europe

A second year of rapprochement between IEE and College of Europe students on the future of Europe ended with a day of debate at the Institute.

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Defence and security
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The lack of unity in the EU’s defence and security policies: Europe at a crossroads?

Discover the latest articles published by Eyes on Europe, the student magazine of the IEE-ULB! On the programme: Analysis of the defence relations within the Union in this period of war.

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IEE and College of Europe students debate the future of Europe

In this article, we tell you all about the meeting and debate on the future of Europe between students from the IEE-ULB and students from the College of Europe which took place on June 16, 2021.

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European sovereignty, a French projection?

Is European sovereignty a predominantly French projection? Ramona Coman, Nathalie Brack and Amandine Crespy try to answer.

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impact of COVID-19
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OpenEUDebate network launches podcast series to analyse the impact of COVID-19

The COVID19 has disrupted the world, and with it, the discussion on the future of Europe. The OpenEUDebate Jean Monnet network, of which the IEE-ULB is a member, started a series of podcasts analysing how citizens and academics can contribute to the debate.

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