Sami Chauvet is vice-president of the Student Association of the Institute for European Studies (SAIES). He pursues a Master ein european Studies form the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences Sociales under the IEE-ULB label. 


At the university, as students, we are all looking to get a degree, a certification of all the knowledge and skills we have learned in our courses, work and revisions. Is an academic year only about the acquisition of knowledge and skills related to our program? As a student, must I just focus on getting my degree?

At SAIES, we think that the university is, beside a place of knowledge, a place to share and weave social links.

That is why on April 27th, and for the first time, the ball of the Institute for European Studies (IEE) was held at the Lycée Molière. The purpose of this event was for the association to allow all students of the IEE (all masters together), but also all potential future students, alumni, teachers, and partner associations (Eyes on Europe, JEF, Specque) to spend time together during an evening and celebrate this year of hard work.

We wanted to bring together the community of interested in European issues around a social event to create bonds, of friendship, and a cohesion. The Ball of the IEE allowed students who studied and collaborated during the school year to be together outside of a meeting, a conference, a visit or a classroom.

After a strong communication campaign on social networks and our ticket offices, we managed to sell more than 80 tickets. The ball was a success and an event as unforgettable for its guests as the beautiful pictures of this evening can show.

students of the ieeThe University endeavors to bring together individuals who are willing to deepen their knowledge. The students of the IEE all share a common interest in European issues. SAIES is convinced that this common bond must be maintained and fostered and that is why we aim to do this through all of our activities.

To sum up, SAIES is in charge of weaving links between the students of the IEE, but aims also at weaving link between the Brussels youth that is passionate about European issues.