About the lecture

Securing access to critical raw materials is deemed to be of strategic importance and necessity to ensure the EU’s obligations to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. To this end, the European Commission has put forward the Critical Raw Materials Act to streamline, speed up and simplify procedures enabling critical raw materials extraction, processing and recycling in the EU. In this lecture, Prof Bogojević  will discuss conflicts that the rally for critical raw minerals has created – both within and outside the EU – and consider whether the proposed Act responds to these, as well as the extent to which it creates a new set of legal issues.

About Sanja Bogojević 

Professor Sanja Bogojević  is Fellow and Professor of Law at Lady Margaret Hall and Oxford Law Faculty. Her research interests lie in Environmental Law and EU Law more broadly. This includes research on the role of markets in environmental law, environmental rights adjudication, and the interlinks between climate action, populism and the rule of law. 

EUqualis series of lectures

Professor Sanja Bogojević’s visit is part of a series of guest lectures organised in the framework of the EUqualis Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence (ERASMUS-JMO-2021-HEI-TCH-RSCH) hosted by the IEE and coordinated by Professor Amandine Crespy and Professor Chloé Brère. Professor Bogojević  is a guest of Professor Chiara Armeni (Centre for European Law, IEE).

EUqualis offers a number of topical guest lectures on inequalities associated with (i) EU economic governance, (ii) EU environmental governance, and (iii) EU health governance. Professor Bogojević  is a guest of Professor Chiara Armeni (Centre for European Law, IEE) who coordinates the EUqualis lectures on EU environmental governance.

Practical information

When: March 14th 2024, from 5 pm to 6 pm

Where: R42.5.110 (Campus du Solbosch)