Online tools

Online tools

The IEE-ULB offers students and researchers numerous tools which are directly accessible online. Ads, webmail, agenda, etc. Find them here.

Make learning easier and don’t miss any European news. Discover all the online resources and tools made available by the IEE-ULB.

Online courses

The IEE-ULB has set up a Virtual University, accessible via a NetID. There, students will find online courses of their Master’s degree. The tool also includes a discussion forum, internship offers and various multimedia documents.

Other digital resources

The IEE-ULB organises many events throughout the academic year. To explore our lecture programme, please refer to our calendar.

You will also find interviews with researchers and professors of the IEE-ULB on topical European items, on our Facebook page.

Don’t miss our blog with our news, major European issues and open letters from political figures.

Adverts and mailing lists

Students of the IEE-ULB are connected to the ULB’s webmail. It is the preferred communication method of our teams. This account is used to connect to all online services.

MonULB is a space for dissemination and a means of exchanging thoughts with the student association. It includes bulletin boards, timetables, exams, etc. It is a customisable tool, also available in an app for smartphones.

GeHol is an interface reserved for timetables: by individual, by level, by course and by teacher. It is possible to export your calendar in Google or Outlook.

Eyes on Europe, the students’ magazine of the IEE-ULB

Develop your knowledge of the European institutions. Learn more about current and major issues and discover Eyes on Europe, the students’ magazine of the IEE-ULB.


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