Description of the Summer School

The objective is to provide the participants a global understanding of the European Migration and Asylum policies from a legal perspective, including the latest developments in 2024. The program is made of 3 three parts :

  • Introductory courses
  • Migration including visas & borders
  • Asylum

This year’s Summer School include new and up-to-date courses about all the instruments adopted under the EU Migration & Asylum Pact. 

More information

In addition to classes, the summer school provides an excellent opportunity to spend an intellectually stimulating time in a group of around 100 participants. The location of the summer school in Brussels creates a unique European environment with participants from different countries from all over Europe who typically includes EU & Member State officials, representatives of NGOs & international organisations, lawyers, judges, social workers, PhD and graduate students, researchers, etc.

The classes are taught by academics originating from many Member States and by high-ranking officials from the European Institutions, particularly the European Commission. 

Audience and language

  • A program legally oriented but also accessible to non-jurists
  • Interesting for students and also professionals with courses during afternoons
  • All courses on site are given separately in English and in French except those given by guest speakers in English only
  • The courses available online are those given in English (French courses are not available online)

Registrations are open until JUNE 15 :

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