The Jurisprudence of Constitutional Conflict in the European Union
discussing constitutional pluralism and primacy in today’s Europe  

Following the publication of her new book « The Jurisprudence of Constitutional Conflict in the European Union » (OUP, 2022), the Centre de droit européen and the Institut d’études européen of the Université libre de Bruxelles are pleased to welcome Ana Bobić. 

At a time where the European Union and its law are increasingly contested at the national level, this book is an important contribution to ongoing debates about the principle of primacy, the doctrine of constitutional pluralism, and the relationship that ought to unite courts and legal orders within the Union. 

To engage in a conversation with Ana on her book and the main themes it touches upon, we will be joined by Julio Baquero Cruz, member of the Legal Service of the European Commission and professor at ULB, and Antoine Bailleux, professor of European law at the Université Saint Louis-Bruxelles. The discussion will be moderated by Paul Dermine, professor of European Law at ULB. 

About the speaker

Ana Bobić is référendaire to Advocate General Tamara Ćapeta at the Court of Justice of the European Union.
She has a B.A. LL.M. at the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb, Croatia (summa cum laude,2011). She studied at the Faculty of Law, University of Oxford, where she obtained the MJur as the OSI/University of Oxford scholar in 2012, and the DPhil as a Law Faculty Graduate Assistance Fund scholar. Her doctoral research addressed the incidences of, and reasons for, constitutional clashes between the European Court of Justice and national (constitutional) courts in the application and enforcement of EU law. It determined how the principle of primacy of EU law works in reality and whether the jurisprudence of national constitutional/supreme courts supports this concept. Dr. Bobić was subsequently a Postdoctoral researcher at the LEVIATHAN Project led by Professor Mark Dawson at the Hertie School of Governance, Berlin, funded by the European Research Council. Her work focused on legal accountability in the Economic and Monetary Union.

Practical information

Date: April 21, 2023 

Time: 4:00-6:00 p.m.

Place: Campus du Solbosch – Room TBD 

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