The conference cycle

The history of European law represents a crossroad in which history, law and European studies meet. Furthermore, it is becoming an important matter of interest for historians as the archives of the European Court of Justice are currently being opened to the public.

In collaboration with the ULB’s Institute for European Studies and the research units Centre de Droit européen and Mondes modernes et contemporains, we invite 3 scholars who are currently working in this field with the aim to open a discussion with a public interested in these questions.

Practical Information

The Contribution of Dutch Social-Democracy to European Competition Law: Pieter Verloren van Themaat, DG Competition of the European Commission (1958-1965)

Speaker : Karin van Leeuwen (Maastricht University)

Date : 23 mai 2019

Time : 14:00-16:00

Place : Institute for European Studies of the ULB. Room Spaak. 39 avenue Franklin Roosevelt. (Please find a map by clicking here)