In the spring of 2019, two political scientists from the Université libre de Bruxelles – Amandine Crespy (professor at the ULB) and Philippe Pochet (director general of the European Trade Union Institute) – published, within a few weeks of each other and without any consultation, a reference book on social Europe. These concomitant publications came at a time when the old project of rebalancing the economic and social aspects of European construction was being revived in some form, thanks to the Juncker Commission (2014-2019). In the meantime, a new Commission, the von der Leyen Commission, has taken over, which also has ambitions in the social field. Above all, an unprecedented health crisis has hit the continent, which may change the situation.


In this context, it seemed useful to organise a meeting between the two authors in order to compare their views on the current state of the social Europe project. Jointly organised by the Centre for Public and Social Law, the Centre for European Law and the Centre for the Study of Political Life of the ULB, in partnership with the European Trade Union Institute, the event will be structured in two parts.

Firstly, Amandine Crespy and Philippe Pochet will take turns to review their book, in order to update its content in the light of events over the last two years: what can we expect from the social Europe project today?

Secondly, representatives of two ULB student circles, the Cercle du libre examen (Librex) and the Student Association of the Institute for European Studies (SAIES), will initiate a debate with the audience.

This convivial event is intended for all those who are interested in the issue of social Europe and the future of national welfare states, from near or far.

Practical information

Date: December 06, 2021

Time: 5pm

Place: Auditorium Roger Lallemand (ULB – Solbosch Campus, Building B – Room B1.315)

The event will take place in French!