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Media, Information and Communication in the EU

A specialised module to unpack the EU media and information landscape and the European public sphere.

The aim of the module is to introduce participants to the media landscape in Europe and to the challenges of information and communication.

By bringing together four courses designed by renowned academics and practitioners, the module offers practical skills, competences and a toolkit to communicate in and outside the EU’s ecosystem.

Participants gain the necessary academic background to navigate the Union’s current challenges in the field of information, communication and media.

Professionals working or seeking to work in the Brussels environment and need to refine their communication skills, become more proficient in EU related information as well as in the main current debates around Media, Information and Communication in the EU can benefit from this programme.

Communication EU

This MEUS module is organized around four courses. A “hybrid” method will be applied, and classes can be followed online and on site or exclusively online:

  • Communication in times of crisis: management essentials to navigate the new infodemic era (18 hours, Concha Lozano)
  • Media in the EU (9 hours, Christophe Leclercq and Luciano Morganti)
  • EU Fact Findings (9 hours, Luciano Morganti)
  • Public Diplomacy (18 hours, Xavier Carpentier Tanguy)

Four courses to dive into EU Media, Information and Communication

  • Communication in times of crisis: management essentials to navigate the new infodemic era

    Whether you are an official at the highest levels of government, an executive in the private sector, or the leader of a non-profit organization, the same principles of crisis communication apply. This course will help you to draw lessons from the (current) Covid-19 pandemic crisis that you can use when you’re under pressure—which is often when your messages matter most.

    Virtual and on-site courses with communication leaders and experts will be organised to discuss and learn about the key principals of effective crisis communication.   We will apply lessons learned from other national crises to the (current) pandemic, prepare for future crises by having a response plan in place and communicate with those inside and outside your organization in the midst of unpredictable circumstances.

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  • Media in the EU

    This course explores the EU public sphere, its media landscape and the challenges posed by disinformation on the credibility of EU actors.

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  • EU Fact Findings

    A focused hands-on course in which participants learn how to find their way through the of EU-related websites and databases so to efficiently and rapidly find the (EU related) information they are looking for.

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  • Public Diplomacy

    The purpose of this course is twofold: to identify the challenges for EU to communicate and to understand and to use EU Public diplomacy tools and actors for increasing connections and shaping perceptions in and outside EU.

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