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EU in the World

A specialized module to understand the role the EU plays in the international arena.

The EU has a major role as a global player. Be it on regional politics, development cooperation or environmental policies, its international influence and “soft power” often defines trends in international relations.

This module addresses key issues such as the current challenges of fragmentation and power politics; climate change and energy policies; the debate around the EU’s enlargement policy and its prospects as well as Europe’s relationship with developing countries. 


EU international

This MEUS module is organised around four courses using a hybrid method, and are available online & on-site if the health situation allows it:

  • EU, Regionalism and Multilateral EU Governance (12 hours, Mario Telò and Frederik Ponjaert) 
  • Environmental Law and Politics (18 hours, Marta Ballesteros)
  • EU and Developing Countries (12 hours, Nico Schrijver)
  • EU Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy (12 hours, Alex Sotiris Walldén)

Four courses to strengthen your knowledge of EU and international affairs

  • EU, Regionalism and Multilateral EU Governance

    The course will offer, on the one hand, a comparative analysis of regional cooperation in the world, and on the other, deepen the multidimensional interregional arrangements.

    The EU will be focused as both reference case study for regional cooperation and as an international policy actor strengthening multilayered multilateral cooperation. The challenges of fragmentation, power politics and competitive regionalism will also be part of the course. This course is also available online.

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  • Environmental Law and Politics

    The EU has a major role as a global environmental player. This course aims to examine those instances where the EU has assumed global leadership in comparison to others where it has a less active role. This course is structured in two sections: The legal and institutional framework and a thematic approach to environmental law.

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  • EU and Developing Countries

    This course reviews the evolution of EU development cooperation policy and allows participants to acquire the knowledge and skills to participate in a well-informed discussion on the ins and outs and pros and cons of European development policy as well as the relationship between Europe and the developing world.

  • EU Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy

    The course covers the EU’s enlargement policy and its prospects and focuses on the present enlargement agenda (Western Balkans and Turkey). It also addresses the European Neighbourhood Policy with a focus on its Eastern dimension.

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