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Symposium on the European Public Prosecutor’s Office & Annual Conference on European Criminal Law in the Global Context: Values, Principles and Policies


The Symposium will take place on 29-30 March and the Conference on 30-31 March 2017 at Colégio da Trindade - University of Coimbra. 

The purpose of the Conference is to address the interaction between European criminal law and international law and bodies, and the reciprocal influences they might bear on each other. 

The ECLAN Symposium is organised in close cooperation with the Instituto Juridico (University of Coimbra), which endeavours to assess new forms of litigation and new kinds and roles of judicial actors. The Symposium is divided in three topics: (1) competence and its exercise, including ancillary competence; (2) investigative powers and admissibility of evidence; and (3) independence and accountability of the EPPO. It aims at producing a synthesis of ECLAN’s view on the current state of the legislative procedure leading to the establishment of the EPPO. Attendance is limited to ECLAN’s members and guests, as well as Master’s and PhD students (registration required). 

The Conference European Criminal Law in the Global Context: Values, Principles and Policies intends to draw up a normative framework of reference for the various dimensions involved in the reform of the State, in the current context of shared or “late” sovereignty, with a view to anticipating the implications of such reform for traditional legal methodology.

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Attendance to the conference is free upon registration 

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