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Aera 1 - Europe as an area of freedom, security and justice

Since the entry into force of the Treaty of Amsterdam, the maintenance and development of an Area of Freedom, Security and Justice has been one of the European Union’s objectives. The IEE-ULB’s first crosscutting area of research is devoted to studying this objective.

The first research area in brief

The European Area of Freedom, Security and Justice encompasses very different areas such as the common asylum and immigration policy, border controls, legal cooperation in civil matters, police cooperation and legal cooperation in criminal matters. In recent years, they have developed considerably following their gradual communautarisation and the adoption of certain milestones such as the European Council conclusions of Tampere or Stockholm.

Most of the sectors covered have in common, among other things, a certain sensitivity both from the point of view of the national sovereignty of states and the protection of fundamental rights. In this respect, the quest for a balanced approach between the different concerns is proving particularly tough. This aspect and many others make this European Area of Freedom, Security and Justice a particularly topical and rich area of research both at the disciplinary and interdisciplinary levels.


Examples of key related research themes

  • State and borders in the EU
  • Security and fundamental rights
  • Legal and police cooperation
  • Construction/deconstruction of security issues
  • Asylum and immigration


Affiliated Academics :

Pr. BRIBOSIA, Emmanuelle

Pr. DE BRUYCKER, Philippe

Pr. JACOBS, Dirk


Pr. NUYTS, Arnaud

Pr. RORIVE, Isabelle