Executive Master in European Union Studies, in Brussels

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Executive Master in European Union Studies in Brussels

IEE-ULB organises, in collaboration with EURACTIV, an Executive Master’s degree, a customised training programme of 40 credits in English. Discover our Executive Master in European Union Studies.

The Executive Master’s in European Union Studies is customised and certified training. Taught in English, the programme offers participants the advantage of its flexibility. They can follow the full programme or tailor it by taking specific modules or courses. A ‘hybrid’ approach to teaching is implemented. Classes can be followed online and on site

Developed for practitioners who seek to sharpen knowledge and skills in EU governance, the programme offers insights about how the EU really functions and how its policy-making process works.

The Executive Master’s programme

The Executive Master in European Union Studies (MEUS) is a certificate with a staggered timetable during the evenings or on Saturdays.

The programme includes a common set of core of courses that cover the fundamental aspects of the political, economic and legal integration, a “professionalization” module, a “final dissertation” module and specialized optional modules. Some courses are available online.

“The fundamentals” is a block of courses on the following subjects:

  • EU Governance and Law
  • The EU in Global Politics
  • The Political Economy of the EU
  • Europe and World Trade
  • Innovation in Public Policy
  • Internal Market

As part of the full programme, participants follow thematic modules, than can also be taken individually, à la carte, and cover various topics: 

  • Media, Information and Communication: journalism, facts and disinformation (“fake news”), communication in the EU, public diplomacy.
  • The Area of Freedom, Security and Justice: challenges to the rule of law, asylum and migration, criminal justice in the EU.
  • The EU in the World: The Union’s relations with its neighbourhood, and developing countries, enlargement policies, environmental law.
  • A professionalization module: EU project management and career development.

Finally, participants in the full programme follow a Seminar on methods and academic writing in order to complete a dissertation.


The Executive Master in European Union Studies addresses the real issues faced by European institutions.

To achieve a solid training that combines knowledge and savoir-faire, the programme brings together academics and professionals of European affairs. The goal is to offer a dynamic environment for acquiring new knowledge and competences while creating networking opportunities. 

Who is this executive programme for?

All professionals wishing to tackle a carrier that demands a deep knowledge of the EU, its institutions and its policies will find this executive programme relevant

Our Executive Master targets, in particular:

  • diplomats
  • officials in national public administrations
  • representatives of EU Member States or third countries
  • specialists in European political communication
  • journalists


“MEUS is a program with a mature approach that combines academic excellence and a cozy atmosphere”

The certificate

MEUS is organized under the provisions of the ULB’s regulation on Executive education and  is subject to the Decree of 7thNovember 2013 on the landscape and organization of higher education in the “Communauté française de Belgique. As a result, the Executive Master in European Union Studies (MEUS) is issued by the Université libre de Bruxelles and the Institute for European Studies and is agreed by ARES (Académie de Recherche et d’Enseignement Supérieur) which is the federation of French-speaking higher education institutions in Belgium.

The jury of the Executive Master program delivers a Level 7certificate in European Union Studies” issued by the ULB and the IEE and showing the credits achieved (certificate supplement). Participants should be aware that this certificate is not the equivalent of a regular master’s degree (120 credits) or a specialized master’s degree (min. 60 credits). MEUS is not funded by the “Communauté française de Belgique”.

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Download our brochure to know more about the programme